Alla Prima Show in Lima (Selina Hotel)

Here is a little show I did while in Lima. All works were done there, around 20 paintings in 3 weeks!!!! But great seeing old friends and relatives, most of them haven’t seen my work in years (since I started living abroad) so the reception of the paintings was very good.

Super happy, and willing to do it again!

Big thanks to my brother for helping me with the frames, he design them and I think that the montage looks amazing. Gracias Chano!!!

Also Daniel Castro Cordano. He appeared right before the start of the show with a text!! Already printed and ready to be put next to the works, so grateful for that.

Big shoutout for my brother from another mother Bruno for sharing the contact with me, and Selina Hotels for allowing me to use the room asking nothing in return, that’s true support for the Arts!!! 🙂

So much love.

Cheers people, and on to the next one ;)

I ♥️ Lima.